If elected, Vashaundra Edwards priorities are to promote community involvement.  Her goal is to create various events and programs that would provide resources to the community.  By giving back to the community through resources and programs, it will increase the community involvement within local government.  Community involvement reassures every citizen that they have the right to participate in decision making regarding their community. Her priority also will be to assure that as a policy maker, she’s able to be in tune with the needs and issues within the community.  In addition, to community involvement, Vahaundra Edwards’ goal is to also promote the redevelopment of the Texas Parkway area. Lastly,  her priority would be to offer workshops for business owners to assure they’re knowledgeable of successful business tactics/ practices. It takes a village!  Change cannot happen overnight and it cannot happen without the efforts of the community.  Be apart of this movement by volunteering to spread the word about Vashaundra Edwards.

One thought on “Community Involvment

    Felicitations on the AT-LARGE #1 WIN!!
    Way To Go Ms. Vashaundra Edwards!

    Lakes of Brightwater Senior Citizen Parental Caregiver SURVIVOR asks Ms. Edwards to KEEP SOURCE EYE OPEN 👁 to ONES BEST SELF as Missouri City is led #1 AT-LARGE.

    ALL. THE BEST in transition from Jerry Wyatt ✌🏽 🥀 L’CHAIM MORE ABUNDANTLY in Mo City!!!


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