Vashaundra Edwards has been serving the Missouri City community, as well as the Houston area community, through mentoring and assisting the youth.  She recognizes the importance of serving and working to make a difference, starting with the youth.  Vashaundra Edwards is a humble resident of Missouri City for 29 years and knows the concerns of the community.  By being a servant leader, she understands that she must be a great listener to the issues of the community, while still displaying the commitment as a Council Member. Vashaundra Edwards has integrity and is a great leader for Missouri City as a whole!

“The noblest question in the world is, what good may I do in it?”
― Benjamin Franklin

2 thoughts on “Servant Leadership

  1. I am surprised that I have never met you. I have been not only precinct chair, but SD13 caucus chair and member of the Texas executive committee. I have a large presence on facebook, linked in and instagram. I have also attended more than 100 community activist meetings over the last 4 years. Who are you?


    1. Thank you Dale for visiting my website. I have been actively engaged in my community for many years. I just completed my first term as a City Councilmember At- Large Position and I’m looking forward to continuing to serve. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me 281-401- 9469 to chat further.


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